Monday, April 29, 2013

Stealth Librarianship: Ideas from the ACRL webinar

Last week, many of us attended ACRL's e-learning webcast: Stealth Librarianship: Creating Meaningful Connections Through User Experience, Outreach, and Liaising.

Here are links to some resources discussed during the webcast:
I am going to share a few ideas I got from the session here.  Reply to this post with more ideas...

Inreach - Everyone on staff is a liaison and can work to build relationships across campus.

Cards of Support/Congratulation to Faculty & Students - Send personal messages/cards to faculty who get tenure or sabbatical to congratulate them and offer library support.  Or send personal messages to students or student clubs when they publish work or win an award.  I am going to try this as two English department students just won a writing award.  Regina cataloged their short story and poem and I wrote a blog post about it, but a personal card from the library would be nice.