Thursday, November 11, 2010

Web Improvement Team Projects

Fall Projects
  • Library Nugget for ANGEL (see screenshot below)

  • LINKS Tutorial - update links to reflect new website & video tutorials

  • LibX Toolbar - install in computer lab in TLC and beyond

  • Google Analytics - use results from site search to improve website

  • Full-Text Options - make interface more user-friendly

Spring Projects
  • Library Catalog

  • Improving Forms on Website

  • Developing New Content - new LibGuides/webpages

  • Customized Nugget for ANGEL

If you have ideas or suggestions for future WIT projects, contact Suzanne B.

Online Students and the Library?

Last week I worked with James Bender's CJUS 101 students to do a library instruction session in Second Life. You can the four students who attended here. The session went well and was a good exercise in thinking about how we can better serve our online students.

One idea I had after the session was to develop a brief tour of the library website in Camtasia highlighting resources for students such as the databases, our catalog, the citing sources guide... Kim and I also talked about inviting some online instructors to our IST meeting next semester to get their ideas. What other ideas do you have for better serving our online students?