Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Subject vs. Keyword Searching

I was looking at my quiz results from my Writing 121 sessions and I noticed that more students missed the question about the difference between subject vs. keyword searching than any other question. I was talking with Rachel about this at the Reference Desk last night and she gave me a good idea for explaining the concept. She mentioned that she asks the class how can you tell what an article is about without reading it? I thought this was a great idea, so I wanted to ask for other ideas from my colleagues. How do you explain subject vs. keyword?

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  1. Well, I roll out the white board and draw a bunch of boxes while talking about fields and records and how keyword searches everywhere, drawing arrows to all the boxes. Then I explain how one of those fields is the "subject" field and I say to them while drawing an arrow to that one box, "so, if you select a subject you're automatically narrowing things down to articles that are about that particular topic." Or something like that.