Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LibGuides for Information Literacy Tutorial?

I just read Rachel's post from this summer (oops, I'm a bit behind on my reading) about Bloomberg University of Pennsylvania librarians using LibGuides to create an information literacy tutorial. You can see the tutorial, as well as the article Rachel mentioned in College & Research Libraries News.

Just this week I was thinking about adding an assessment portion to the Writing 121 guide because one type of box that can be added to the guides is a quiz box. I hadn't thought about an entire tutorial in LibGuides, but that sounds like an exciting possibility. What do you all think?


  1. I do not even remember writing that! However, I'm thrilled that it is a coherent and useful post...

  2. I'm all for using libguides for anything and everything that seems useful now, or even has the potential to be useful at some point. The more we play with the tool, the more we should be able to verify how it can be used most effectively to serve our students.