Monday, July 19, 2010

Information Literacy Game

Don't ask me how I happened to stumble upon this, but I had fun playing and thought I'd share:

The Information Literacy Game by Sharon Griffith, Librarian at Ivy Tech--a statewide Community College system in Indiana.
Note: the results page seems to be broken, so that was a bit anti-climactic, but still worth a look overall. Plus, maybe the problem is on my own browser/security settings.

I missed 2 - mostly because of the pesky timer ticking down on me!

She's also got a link to Library Jeopardy, which I'm going to go try out next! :)

[Update: Sharon says, "Thank you, but I’m afraid it was just up to test it—-and I never really got it working right. It is actually adapted from this site: so you may have more luck getting it from them. I left my library position a year ago and am just teaching now, so am not likely to work on it any more. But I wish you well!"]

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