Thursday, June 10, 2010

3 words - Lifesize cardboard cutouts

I'm telling you, colleagues, this is the wave of the future. If you can't make it to homecoming, maybe Cardboard You could!

I met Lee at LOEX back in May at her session on library promotion and Lee's got a lifesize cardboard cutout of herself that has been sort of "adopted" by her business students. Fantastic!

Cardboard Lee is regularly kidnapped, shows up at school wide events, promotes NON library events and occasionally attends classes. Granted, Cardboard Lee was initially an in house promotion for drop in library sessions but wow, kidnapped Cardboard Lee is doing better library promotion then most flesh and blood librarians (myself included)!

As much as I would love a for all of us to be represented in cardboard form, I know this might be a bit out of our budgetary range. I had heard rumors when Natalee and I first started of possible Librarian trading cards... could we revisit this idea?

I'd love to hear about your creative promotion ideas.. even the ones that didn't work. Who knows, maybe it's time to revisit some of them!


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