Monday, May 24, 2010

MLA/Academic Libraries May 2010 Session

Some notes from a session I attended at MLA /Academic Libraries 2010

“Beyond the Homepage: Expand Your Library’s Presence through the Social Web” / Natalie Zebula/Lawrence Tech U

Ms. Zebula, a reference librarian, at Lawrence Tech was a very energetic presenter with a rapid fire delivery. She has devoted a lot of time/energy exploring dynamic social websites for students & faculty to use at the LTU library. She said that she tries to spend 2 hrs/day posting, updating posts and trying new enhancemts of different social network sites that LTU library subscribe to. What follows is a short compilation of some ideas that Natalie shared . See if there’s anything here that’s new to you.

Flickr- can be time-consuming to take pics, add tags, info, etc. but can have good stock photos of your library with fun current photos; can load historical photos too. Use and a scanner to build a nice library yearbook! Can use pics of library event signs & link those on Facebook. Can collect photos of LCC alum. Use photos with tags & info to promote library events.

Facebook- use it to share trivia, news, events, lite-weight discussion. Can put a Chat box on FB as we have on ours.

Meebo for Chat and IM- can use” Meebo Cleaner” in Google Chrome to clear ads! Other idea regarding Chat or IM software- consider using Google Docs to track Reference stats (in person, IM, phone, Chat )

Blogs- set up a library blog; have a link from library homepage to blog; use for polls and surveys

Twitter- updates from Google RSS Reader can be used via Twitter; can set up feeds for research at libraries with a 10 mi radius- experimental for now;
Lawrence Tech’s Twitter policy: “Be professional, kind, discreet, authentic. Represent us well. Remember that you can’t control it once you hit “update” since every post is live and public.”
Natalie's last suggestion- try to use different tags on FB and Twitter like wifi instead of books and databases.

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