Thursday, April 1, 2010

LibGuides - RSS feed ideas?

Hello everyone,

Today I have been working on my Career LibGuide and thought I would share an idea for using an RSS feed. I added a box (Career Trends) to the Career Guide based on a search in General OneFile. I did a subject search for Occupations and narrowed by subdivision to Forecasts and Trends. I took this RSS feed and added it to my guide. It will automatically update daily with the three most recent titles that match this search.

Other Ideas for RSS feeds
  • Government agency rss feeds
  • Links to recent issues of a specific journal.
  • Explore feeds used by other LibGuide creators. When you are adding a feed, instead of typing the URL, you can search for any existing RSS feeds in the system (including the Community site), to include. You just start typing the feed title (i.e. history) and the system will return the matching entries and pre-populate the Feed URL field for you.
For complete instructions for adding an RSS feed to your guide, see LibGuides for Librarians or ask Suzanne B for help.

What kinds of RSS feeds have you added to your guides? I'll add your ideas to our LibGuides for Librarians page to keep a running list of ideas...