Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Folk Have Been Googlized than Baptised

This kind of piggy-backs on Natalie's post, "The Cost of Google" (Mar 15).

As I browsed our New Books display today, I picked up and started to read, Googled: the end of the world as we know it / Ken Auletta. I can't say that I'll read all 384 pages of it, but 2-3 chapters of it will keep my interest.

Auletta, media writer/critic, explains the story of "Google's rise, its inner workings, success, massive growth, . . ."

So, even in Google's "adolescence" (2007-2008) Auletta cites that Google is too big (hiring 150 new employees/wk), it's lost its focus, and is going in 8 directions- images, Scholar, maps, iGoogle, YouTube, etc. etc.

Here's my example of Google trying to Googlize whole communities and moving in yet another direction: "Cities Try Silly antics to Grab Google's 'Golden Ticket' ".

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