Monday, February 8, 2010

Academic Libraries- Collaborative Learning Spaces

Several photos are here of collaborative learning spaces in several different academic libraries.

Do you see any that might work for our students/our space?


  1. Oh did you see those poor kids parked on the floor? Did they want to be there or was that the only place with a large enough flat surface to spread out the paperwork? Eek!


  2. All interesting ideas, but I agree: Definitely need to keep/have several large tables/workspaces. Students need to have the space to spread out & have all their stuff fit on a table! Very few of the ones in the link above had decent size tables/workspaces.

  3. HUGE screens, eh?! Those things could have real value if they are interactive (touch sensitive). I totally agree with Nat that students need space to set things out. All the technology in the world won't change that.