Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year....

... let's fire up some new discussions!

2 Questions (gleaned from the ATLANTIS listserv)


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  1. Rachel, Intriguing questions that have no easy answer. But, starting with the second question of will academic libraries make the transition to ebook and eaudio, well, we all know that this transition is well under way. Exactly how those books and audio will ultimately be disseminated, be it through readers, downloadable, managed in databases, a combination of ways, has yet to be seen.

    The second question I think is more contentious as it would completely turn traditional library processes on their ear. Maybe this is what needs to happen? I do know that there is not the affordable technology available to "print on demand" books, and ordering up an academic journal title will not have the same turn around as purchasing the latest through amazon or any other vendor. Much of this debate also resides in the hands of publishers who are squirming, fidgiting, worrying and planning for how all this will pan out. It does seem as though we will need some new way of serving what is needed, when it is needed, in the most efficient way possible...but, what does that mean on the ground?