Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Promoting Library Reference Services . . . What Works?

What are your thoughts regarding Karen Sobel's article? What applies to our students? Should we consider surveying our students for their feedback?

Your thoughts, please.


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  2. Interesting article! A little on the heavy end of "lite", but still...I thought it was interesting that the researcher's findings pointed to students preference for face to face interactions with librarians and promoting that information in person was the most effective means of transmitting the message.

  3. 4.6% of students, the author says, recalled face to face interactions they had with librarians.. so then, those face to face interactions couldn't have been very meaningful. Yet freshmen are indicating a preference for face to face?
    This article is then saying what people have known for years... 18 years old don't know WHAT they want.
    So, promotion to first year students? I don't think that should be the focus. Promotion to THEIR INSTRUCTORS is the way to go.

  4. One of the findings of this report indicated that "73% of students who said they were non-users of virtual ref services said that they were unaware of virtual ref services" (not exact quote from p365). Maybe we should advertise/promote our Ask a Librarian services more.

    At a COT Mtg yesterday, Tori mentioned that COT can/will assist in developing surveys for any Team. Should we consider surveying our students? faculty? regarding Ref services?