Monday, June 29, 2009

In These Times...

In a post entitled The Pros and Cons of Reinventing the Wheel on the esteemed ACRLog Maura Smale gives us some very interesting food for thought about where to find high quality instructional tutorials in multiple formats. She asks us to consider the importance of locally created content and she also wonders, "must our online instructional materials have our own logo and library name...(and) do we spend too much time reinventing the wheel when we create local versions of tutorials on common topics?"


  1. Now that's an interesting thought, Karl. If we're citing sources, why not just tweak what we find? We can still slap our logos on it... and just give credit.

  2. considering how little staff we have and how stretched for time we become we need to find some ways to maximize our output while conserving input, no?

  3. Since I haven't read the post by Ms. Smale, maybe I should hold my comment, but I'm thinking of the collaborative project called ANTS, or Animated Tutorials Sharing ( ANTS has a great information literacy tutorial repository that librarians from the U.S. and Canada have devlpd/shared.
    So, yeah, before reinventing the online tutorial wheel, check out the tutorials available via the ANTS project.