Thursday, April 23, 2009

"The New Normal"

Every now and then I check ACRL's blog, ACRLog, to see what's being posted. Recently I read a post entitled, "A Guide to the 'New Normal' for Academic Libraries". What, you ask, is the "new normal"?

"The 'new normal' is a concept that signals that everything we've taken for granted over the last 20 years is being melted down, re-thought and cast into a new reality. The old rules are broken and new ones must replace them."

Can you guess who "the drivers" of the 'new normal' for academic libraries are? Yep, the economy, our students, and technology. No big surprise there.

For those so inclined to look over the complete report, "ACRL's 2009 Strategic Thinking Guide for Academic Librarians in the New Economy" you can read it here. Ok, so you don't want to read a long involved report. Suggestion: skip to the section on "Driver #3- Technology" and "Strategic Questions for Libraries" (toward the end of the report).


  1. Barb, I recently added that blog to my reader and I have that report sitting on my desk just waiting to be read! Thanks for the tips on the sections to skip ahead to.

  2. Thanks Barb! These days the word "normal" seems pretty archaic.