Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Library Website Redesign

Please post any feedback you have about the library website proposal presented at the department meeting to the Web Redesign Ideas section of the library wiki.

Feel free to review the mockups of the homepage version 1, homepage version 2, section page, and sample internal page in the LCC files.

We are looking for feedback on:

1. Overall design

2. Additional features

  • e.g. more prominent search box on homepage

3. Names of Main Categories and Headings

  • Find Information (research? research tools?)

  • Help (research help?)

  • About (about the library, general information)

  • For You

  • Spotlight / Featured Resource

4. Additional content to add to website

  • e.g. page for faculty

If you would prefer, you can post your comments here instead and they will be transferred to the wiki.


  1. Hey Suzanne and WIT team members! This new website looks fantastic. Thank you for your demo today!

  2. This framework for our new website will help present a new face for our resources, our help, our guides, and give us a big step forward on our path of continuous improvement.

    I am so grateful for everyone's work on this, but especially Suzanne B. and Tori for really pulling it all together. The look of our site will finally be something to be proud of. It is a thousand times better than what we have now. I am so excited for all the next steps to get this thing launched ASAP!

  3. Suzanne,

    Since I missed the portion of the Dept Mtg where you (and Tori?) explained the options/features of Version 1 - Version 2, please excuse what my comments may question.

    First, though, kudos to you and WIT for a very exciting site re-structuring. It's a ton of work for you and whole Team.

    I will say that I appreciate Version 1's look/searching option over Version 2.

    Only other question/comment from me is this: Instead of having 5 tabs (Find Information . . . For You), could there be 4? I'm wondering how unique the "For You" tab and its content are? Could content/links in "For You" be included in Help and/or Services?

    Again, applause, applause for what must seem like wrestling with an octopus at times.