Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catalog and more

So, I'm still thinking about the catalog as portal....

Why can't we take everything on our website and catalog it? If fish.lcc.edu is the portal, the links there could have our bookmarks, our helpsheets, everything! There's still room on that page...

Also, since I'm thinking about the catalog, let's look into the fun things we can do with it. 1. There's a feature we can turn on that allows users to write book reviews for our material. As far as I know, these comments come into a central place where they can be edited for content before being posted... no suprises. I would love to take on that! 2. Also, at GTU we used to do audioblogging... that we would then link to our records. So, as an example, I audioblogged a book review on the Encyclopedia of Swearing and then linked it to the GRACE record. Could we do something like this here? http://grace.gtu.edu/search/t?SEARCH=encyclopedia+of+swearing It links in one of the 900 fields in the records.

What do you guys think? I'd love to have instructors (and us!) do something like this... can we audioblog on blogger?



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  2. Rachel,
    I think these are some really interesting ideas and I hope that as things move along we can continue to develop a dialogue within our department that will help move things in these exciting directions of which you seem very aware.

  3. Well, I looked in audio posting on blogger. Right now, they do not have a way of doing it on their site tho' they can host a third party. That seems like so much navigating for something that should be fun. If blogger gets an audio post option like livejournal, I will jump on it! I also talked to Julie about the realities of our Millennium... III will charge us another $3k for book reviews. D'oh! -Rachel

  4. Rachel:

    Re your Feb. 4 post -is that why I couldn't hear any audio when I clicked on "voicepost"

  5. I guess the Livejournal subscription at GTU has lapsed. Pity, it was a lot of fun!