Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Portals with NetVibes

This week Barb sent me a link to Morraine Valley Community College's Homepage and I saw that they had created a portal called Morraine Valley Info Central which includes library RSS feeds and links. A student can log in and create their own account to have a personalized portal. This is created through a free web 2.0 tool called NetVibes.

On a similar note, two students who participated in a card sort activity this week with Kim were entranced with the card labeled My Library Account. They thought that this meant they could create their own library starting page with personalized links, links to their syllabi, textbooks, etc.

Thinking about this, I did a quick search and found this article about creating a start page for library staff members with NetVibes. You can see a sample portal. It could include links to the library blogs, rss feeds, the library email reference account, our AskLCCLibrary AIM account....

This idea of personalized portals for both staff and possibly our library webpage is worth considering.


  1. Fascinating! I think this card sort could prove very interesting in more ways than we realized.

    There is definitely a segment of our users who would like personalization.

  2. Speaking of personalization, I've been mulling over the "Free Range Librarian's" assertion that *she* should be able to choose whether she wants to keep and even share with others her reading and checkout history instead of systematically having these records hidden and purged by libraries. I'd never thought of it like that before I read her post.

  3. Always late to the party...

    Anyway, is this possible using Innovative? Set the library home page to be and then, the my library icon is right there, right? Takes care of part of the problem.