Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go Green @ Your Library

This isn't necessarily "Library 2.0", but I got approval to post it here anyways :)

Planning is already underway for National Library Week 2009 and I hope you can be involved. Our 2009 theme will focus on "green" initiatives and I am requesting feedback from all library staff regarding activities for our Event. A list of suggested activities has been started and is available in our workspace at:

Please feel free to add your suggestions for possible activities, topics, and/or partners for this event. You'll also notice that a list of suggested actions on how our department can be "greener" has been started. Feel free to add your suggestions to this list as well. I hope that we'll be able to talk as a department about becoming a model of "greenness" and sustainability for the rest of the campus.

As I mentioned, the Communications and Outreach Team has already started to plan for National Library Week 2009. If you would like to be involved in planning, presenting, or in another aspect please feel free to contact me (Tori).

For a list of other suggested future topics or to suggest a future topic for National Library Week events, please visit the Library Events page on our wiki at:

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