Friday, April 11, 2008

ProQuest Search Widget- What Do You Think?

Earlier this wk, Elenka email us a link to an article ("Online Databases: Web Widgets Help Searchers") in the current issue of LJ.

I looked over this article to learn about the ProQuest search widget! I wondered how it works so I followed the link to the library that's mentioned in the article. I tried this new ProQuest search widget and it all seems pretty magical to me. See what you think.
Use the link to the Friedsam Memorial Library of St. Bonaventure University. Scoll down a ways to find/use the PQ search widget (left-hand side).


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  2. Yes, it does seem like magic! No extra clicking needed, you can do a search right there on the homepage.

    I noticed that Western Michigan University Library is using this Proquest widget on their homepage as well. The "Find Articles by Topic" box actually does a Proquest search:

    Check out the library's tag in the title of the homepage: WMU Library -- Because Google can't satisfy every search

  3. After talking about Multisearch in the reference meeting today, I wanted to post an example of how Florida State University is using federated search engines by subject.