Monday, March 24, 2008

Library Trading Cards

Some time ago (months? semesters? year?) there was some buzz about developing library trading cards- for the fun of it and as a promotional tool. I believe that Suzanne B. introduced the idea on our blog.

I'd like to re-open a discussion about producing LCC library trading cards.

Follow this flickr url to see how creative and/or simple these can be (use the link to view them as a slide show).

What say you?


  1. Good ideas. I especially like the cards with sceanic backgrounds.

  2. Here's one of mine:

  3. Trading cards are a great way to infuse some humor and personality into a service!

    Way to Karl! I love your trading card!

    From the flickr trading card slide show I particularly liked:
    Construction librarian; Jennimi, Bluestocking Bebe, Yo-yoing librarian, and my favorite: Library directrix!