Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Has anyone heard of DabbleDB? If not, you should really check it out at:http://dabbledb.com/explore

I could immediatly see about a million applications for making our website more web 2.0. Not only that, there are a number of ways it could be used to make our internal processes more efficient. For example DabbleDB could be used to schedule instruction sessions or we could use it to design suvey forms and easily collect the data and create reports -- just to name two I'm thinking of right at this very moment!

Check it out, I'm sure you'll have lots of ideas too.

Thanks to Shawn for turning me on to this.

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  1. Here is what Chris Collins from the University of Cincinatti has to say about Dabble -
    I echo Peter's thoughts on DabbleDB, I'm a big fan. In fact, that's what we used for some of the sign up functions for SLBPE and for the the survey of institutions we did last year and I found it very helpful for someone with limited database experience. You can easily create data entry forms, report exports, all kinds of useful features.

    - Chris/Fleep

    Chris M. Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
    Facilitator, UC Second Life Learning Community
    Ohio Learning Network Second Life Ambassador
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