Thursday, January 3, 2008

Code4Lib Journal

I read about this new open access (!) library journal, Code4Lib Journal on the "Confessions a Science Librarian" blog.
I think this new publication is worth checking out. Consider looking at the table of contents of the 1st issue. I copied/pasted a portion of the Code4Lib J mission statement:

"Libraries have seized upon advances in computer technology, using computers and the Internet to offer unprecedented access to information and library resources. Ironically, the prodigious increase in tools for accessing information has left many with difficulty managing information about these tools. Projects are announced on blogs, in IRC channels, on websites, at conferences, and many other venues. It can require a research project just to find out what a tool does. Online professional/social networks help mitigate this problem, but entering into these networks can present an unnecessary obstacle to the uninitiated.The Code4Lib Journal (C4LJ) will provide an access point for people looking to learn more about these tools, about approaches and solutions to real-world problems, and about possibilities for building on the work of others, so that the wheel need only be invented once, and can then be cooperatively improved by all."

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