Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Open Access eAudiobooks

I wanted to highlight this comment to a previous post about open access:

Suzanne B said...

In a similar vein, I just came across a project to provide free audiobooks for works in the public domain: Librivox - acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.

Volunteers read chapters of these books and they are available to listen to on an MP3 player, iPod, your computer, or you can burn them on a CD.

For example, check out the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Maybe we should link to this project on our eAudiobooks page for people with iPods, since NetLibrary is not accessible for them.


  1. Thanks for reposting this - LibriVox is a great idea. I really like that anyone can lend their voice (and that it's iTunes compatible).

  2. This is pretty cool. I'd like to see us link to more free resources like this on our website - but at the point of interest (e.g. on the eaudiobooks page or in the catalog or something) - rather than in the internet bookmark collection.

  3. Right! It's got to be at the POI/POU or it's just buried and largely inaccessible. I think integration is the key to making many of the wonderful resources on our bookmarks actually useful for those who may need them. How to move forward...?