Monday, September 17, 2007

Social sites for the older set

According to last week's NY Times article, it's not just the Millennials who are using social sites. They are now becoming popular with Boomers. As we discuss bringing the library into Second Life, etc., we would do well to remember the social sites that are geared to an older demographic.

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  1., which is mentioned in the article, is the site that my family uses. We heard about the site from my husband's relatives in Brazil; Because many of them use this site as well, it is an easy way to share photos/videos and stay in touch. I have also set up a profile on Facebook and it is hard for me to see how this is really very different than Multiply. Maybe it is just that an older crowd is using Multiply? Also, I don't see Multiply as a way to expand our social network, it is just an easy way to communicate with far away family members. Maybe this is a difference from Facebook, MySpace?