Wednesday, September 26, 2007

RSS feeds: a brief introduction

What is an RSS feed and an RSS feed reader?
This three minute video will give you a basic understanding of RSS feeds and readers.

Check out Suzanne's shared items in Google Reader.

How can I get started?
Tutorial for getting started with Google Reader

What kind of information can you subscribe to in your reader?
book reviews
database training podcasts
photos from photo sharing sites (Flickr, Multiply…)
news articles
library database rss feeds
library database searches (available in Gale databases)
library catalog searches
government agency feeds

Where can I find out more about the use of RSS feeds in Libraries?
RSS Feeds for Libraries

Where can you put RSS feeds?
courseware (Angel)
faculty pages
library research portal, e.g. LCC Firescience portal

What if a webpage doesn’t offer an RSS feed?
You can create a feed with Feedity or Ponyfish

How can I put an RSS feed in a webpage?
Use this free tool Feed2JS

Please post ideas about how you might use RSS feeds for professional development or how the library and tutoring services might use RSS feeds to serve students and faculty.


  1. Thanks so much Suzanne for showing Google Reader. Though I use this service/tool already I learned some really valuable things that I had not considered.

  2. Thanks so much, Suzanne! This really helped me understand RSS feeds better.

  3. All of your links and tips are timely and helpful. Appreciate the way you organized your suggestions and tips too!