Monday, September 17, 2007

Pictures from Howell Parker High School visit

Here's the link to my Picasa Web Album so you can view all of the photos from our trip easily. Click on slideshow at top left once you see the pictures.


  1. Hi Library Bloggers...

    Michele, Karl, Suzanne B., Barb, and Suzanne S. went to Howell's LCC Livingston Center @ Parker Campus, Friday 9/14/07. Along with the pictures of this fantastic facility you'll find in the Staff Room (TLC 201 J) 2 pamphlets about the place. Enjoy!
    Hope all of you get a chance to see this new school marvel! :-) TTYL SS

  2. Thanks Michele for putting together this picture album. Looks like a wonderful facility!

    Besides the white board erasers, what other ideas can we "steal/borrow"?