Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Looking for A Good Source of Podcasts on e-Learning Technologies/Strategies?

Registering on LearningTimes is free and easy. You can listen to many different podcasts with discussion of new e-technologies and applications thereof regarding teaching and learning. Can join discussion groups as well.


  1. This is a wonderful professional development resource. I love the diverse and broad range of topics. Something here for everyone! Can't beat the price! Anyone who registers with e-Learning Technologies and listens to a podcast can add these activities to the 43 Things list. Those regular contributors to the Next Chapter Blog (we all know who you are)also get extra points....LOL!

  2. LearningTimes looks like a great resource for professional development. Another good source of presentations on library topics is the Online Programming for All Libraries (OPAL) Archive.

    Also, I just ran across a site called Slideshare, where you can find presentations about all kinds of topics. Check out these presentations tagged library 2.0