Monday, July 9, 2007

Interesting Site that Ranks and Tracks Web Traffic is a web company that ranks and tracks web traffic. Very simply you can key in a web site address and note the statistics. It's interesting, too, to compare the stats on similar type sites. See what you think.


  1. I was hoping that this would help us with tracking our visitors to various parts of the library's website but it looks like it just tracks for the parent site. I compared,, and and it provided the exact same graph for each section.

  2. It appears that the traffic rankings are based on Alexa toolbar users. How many use this toolbar? I also noticed what Julie mentioned regarding no drill down ability to lcc/edu/library.
    For the fun of it, I browsed by Subject/Reference/Libraries and these were the most visited sites in the 'College and University' categories: 1. Marianopolis College Library 2. Chabot College Library 3. Golden West College Library 4. El Paso CC Northwest Campus Library 5. Salt Lake City CC Library 6. Seattle Central CC Library 7. City College of San Francisco Library 8. El Camino College Library 9. SMU Central University Libraries 10. Santa Rosa Jr. College Library.