Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Increasing traffic in the library using creative strategies like speed dating and poker tournaments

The Georgia Tech library has an annual event called CeliBration, where they hold events like speed dating and Ninja Tag in the library to get students to associate fun things with the library (not just studying). If you go to the link be sure to read the whole thing especially where it reads "Justification..." Also, there is a very candid discussion about this very subject in the form of a highly professional podcast entitled The Barb, Chelsea and Cindy Show, created by three very dedicated staff members at the LCC library. This podcast is located on the computer in room 201J and was created using the software Castblaster. Please feel free to listen to this podcast. Just click the Castblaster demo icon.

Would something like this work in our library?


  1. I'd like us to try offering something fun and appealing for our younger users. Maybe we could poll our users and/or student employees for ideas. Not sure about speed dating, but, as you will hear on our podcast I did offer to act as the chaperone if we offered such an activity. :)

  2. Great podcast! Didn't we poll students in the spring about why they use the library? Maybe they had some suggestions for these types of activities in the library?

    Today I came across an article that predicted that libraries might just become social and study places for students, but no longer a place where students come to use library resources. Data from ARL shows that Reference Questions and Circulation (in Research Libraries) have been steadily declining since 1996 (because of? the increase in the use of the Internet). How can we remain relevant to students in their academic development and not solely a place to study?

    Check out the article: If Libraries had shareholders