Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Librarian Trading Cards

I ran across the idea of Librarian Trading Cards the other day and thought it could be a fun to try it out at our library. Trading cards are basically creative versions of business cards used to market library services.

Librarians at Gould Library created librarian trading cards for Subject liason librarians to have available at the Reference desk to pass out to students:
Carleton's Gould Library Librarian Trading Cards

Another college used this idea and made its own set of cards:
Williams College Librarian Trading Cards

There is now a Flickr group for Librarian Trading Cards:
Flickr Librarian Trading Cards

and a free tool to create a Trading Card for Flickr...

Could we try out this idea at LCC Library? Since librarians don't have specific subject area assignments, we could just make one card to market our "Ask a Librarian" service, maybe with a picture of the whole staff ( Or we could create a graphic for our Ask a Librarian Trading Card of the LCC Super Librarian, similar to the New Jersey State Library Super Librarian: NJ even created a contest for teens to come up with a backstory for the Super Librarian.

So, what do you all think about the Librarian Trading Card idea? Might we try it at LCC? It seems like a fun idea that is relatively easy to implement to advertise our services to library patrons.


  1. I say we jump on this! I say let's be the 1st dept on campus to sport/flash/distribute/trade our trading cards.

  2. What fun! Let's award prizes to those students who collect all 9 librarian trading cards given out when students ask ref. questions, attend library instruction sessions, check out library materials, email or IM with a librarian!


  3. I like the trading card idea, too. This might be a fun way to begin to enhance relationships with faculty. Some people may not guess that library folks have a sense of humor!

  4. I like the idea of library trading cards. The camp I go to has something similar for counselors. It's a fun way to get to know about others. I'd like to do this as a way for tutors to get to know other tutors too -- with the number of people we have working here some never cross paths.


  5. It really is a fun idea. I don't know many of the tutors and it would be really nice to have names, faces, fun facts, in a fun format to collect and trade. I wonder whose card will become most valuable?

  6. This is a great idea with many applications. How about....

    1. Use something like this at our next department retreat as a way of getting to know eachother better and understanding eachothers roles and what we can offer to the department

    2. I really like Elenka's idea about collecting the cards and getting a prize (for students)- maybe there is some way to connect this idea with new student orientation too

    3. Maybe we can involve ourselves in new faculty orientation or develop something that could be used during "perk up" week as a way to get faculty and staff into/thinking about the library right away

    When I attended the HOW Conference in 2006 an organization called The Creative Group hosted a great networking "game" called "Jackpot Networking" (the conference was in Vegas). From their resource center booth, they passed out this cool folding "container" that had a pocket for collecting business cards of people who you met that were associated with certain criteria listed on the game piece. You were required to obtain a business card from the person and also get their signature next to the particular criteria they met. Once you obtained business cards and signatures for all the listed criteria (there were 15) you submitted it to the Creative Group booth and were entered into a drawing for a satellite radio with a one year subscription.

    I thought it was a great idea! I have the game piece in my office if anyone wants to see it.

  7. Let's do it. I agree with Barb that we try to be the first on campus to do this.

  8. I too like the idea or having students and staff collect the cards like trading cards. Maybe all staff could have cards or rep. services on a card -- not just the librarians.

    We could run the game for a targeted time period -- like Oct.-Nov. or Feb.-March when we are busiest.

    Perhaps the new Communication team could come up with a "game plan" to present to the department.

    Awesome idea!