Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Designing Our Library Space using SketchUp

I spotted a great 3D design program called SketchUp ( Google owns it ) and it is free. I came across it in the Ubiquitous librarian. Since we are all thinking about "expanding our collaborative computer spaces throughout the library" I thought that this might be a great tool. I have taken a few of the tutorials and it seems to be very easy to use. Seriously... you draw a square press a button and the square becomes a room! Amazing! Then you can put up shelves, desks, doors, computers (I haven't discovered the jacuzzi icon yet). Apparently it works a lot like the SIMS games.

But let's imagine ...we will be able to see how many computers we can fit into any given space. Maybe we don't need an architect. Or we can give an architect a better idea of what we need. The Ubiquitous librarian guy has a little demo on YouTube.

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