Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Computers in Libraries Conference @ VA

Hello LCC Lib-ers:
Blogging with y'all from the CIL 2007 conference in Arlington, VA. Check out their wiki its cool! As Kim shared with you, Lorraine & I had an amusement park ride airplane trip into VA on Sunday. The weather here has been blah! Wind gusts of 50 mph. But we donot have the flodding as up the east coast.

The conference is a buzz about Social Media Software's impact on Libraries. Lot's of great info here...very exciting stuff!

I've had a chance to chit-chat with librarians from all types of libraries. Lorraine & I had our picture taken for the NJ state library blog! They promised to let us know when we are posted, stay tuned!

This conference has over 2000 participants and 48 states representated -- the 2 missing are..... North & South Dakota! Go figure?

Lorraine and I had a chance to briefly talk with a VA Polytech librarian! Phew! What that campus is going through is heart-breaking.

Later -- Suzanne Sawyer -- blogging between sessions :-)

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  1. Thanks for these links, Suzanne! Haven't checked out their wiki, but used the CIL 2007 link you sent and took a look at the 2007 Computers in Libraries YouTube Productions.
    The slide presentation and then the links to the YouTube productions are a "must see"!
    The one called "Gutenberg offers 'In Your Home' Support" and "The March of the Librarians" are so very clever and hilarious.
    Use the little InfoTubey Award Winners link once you've used the CIL 2007 link from Suzanne.