Monday, April 30, 2007

Flickr as a possible training tool for new library student workers?

I remember Claire mentioning that there has been a lot of turnover with student employees which leads to a lot of work training new staff. The presentation below discusses using Flickr as a training tool to supplement face to face training with a visual component.

If you want to listen to the entire presentation about Flickr, check out the podcast and links below...
Or just check out the creator's Flickr training account:

And the wiki for the student manual:

Do you all think this type of training might be useful to supplement face to face training for student employees in our library?
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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Next Chapter

According to a recent survey, Library staff have voted to name this blog The Next Chapter. Congratulations to Pam Fowler who suggested the name.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Designing Our Library Space using SketchUp

I spotted a great 3D design program called SketchUp ( Google owns it ) and it is free. I came across it in the Ubiquitous librarian. Since we are all thinking about "expanding our collaborative computer spaces throughout the library" I thought that this might be a great tool. I have taken a few of the tutorials and it seems to be very easy to use. Seriously... you draw a square press a button and the square becomes a room! Amazing! Then you can put up shelves, desks, doors, computers (I haven't discovered the jacuzzi icon yet). Apparently it works a lot like the SIMS games.

But let's imagine ...we will be able to see how many computers we can fit into any given space. Maybe we don't need an architect. Or we can give an architect a better idea of what we need. The Ubiquitous librarian guy has a little demo on YouTube.

Computers in Libraries Conference @ VA

Hello LCC Lib-ers:
Blogging with y'all from the CIL 2007 conference in Arlington, VA. Check out their wiki its cool! As Kim shared with you, Lorraine & I had an amusement park ride airplane trip into VA on Sunday. The weather here has been blah! Wind gusts of 50 mph. But we donot have the flodding as up the east coast.

The conference is a buzz about Social Media Software's impact on Libraries. Lot's of great info here...very exciting stuff!

I've had a chance to chit-chat with librarians from all types of libraries. Lorraine & I had our picture taken for the NJ state library blog! They promised to let us know when we are posted, stay tuned!

This conference has over 2000 participants and 48 states representated -- the 2 missing are..... North & South Dakota! Go figure?

Lorraine and I had a chance to briefly talk with a VA Polytech librarian! Phew! What that campus is going through is heart-breaking.

Later -- Suzanne Sawyer -- blogging between sessions :-)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Name This Blog! Time to Vote

The deadline to submit your suggestions for what this blog should be called has passed and it's time to vote! You have until Friday, April 20th to cast your VOTE!

The winning name will be annouced here on Monday the 23rd of April.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wither Reference?

If you haven't read the article that Elenka sent via e-mail you can link to it here
and then post your thoughts in a comment.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

We have an end date for naming this blog!

The "Name This Blog Contest" will be over on Friday the 13th. Oooooh scary!

So get your ideas in for naming this blog quick-like! We will be selecting a winner and a runner-up with prizes yet to be determined, though I hear they could be quite enticing. Good luck, once again, and get those creative juices flowing!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Librarian Trading Cards

I ran across the idea of Librarian Trading Cards the other day and thought it could be a fun to try it out at our library. Trading cards are basically creative versions of business cards used to market library services.

Librarians at Gould Library created librarian trading cards for Subject liason librarians to have available at the Reference desk to pass out to students:
Carleton's Gould Library Librarian Trading Cards

Another college used this idea and made its own set of cards:
Williams College Librarian Trading Cards

There is now a Flickr group for Librarian Trading Cards:
Flickr Librarian Trading Cards

and a free tool to create a Trading Card for Flickr...

Could we try out this idea at LCC Library? Since librarians don't have specific subject area assignments, we could just make one card to market our "Ask a Librarian" service, maybe with a picture of the whole staff ( Or we could create a graphic for our Ask a Librarian Trading Card of the LCC Super Librarian, similar to the New Jersey State Library Super Librarian: NJ even created a contest for teens to come up with a backstory for the Super Librarian.

So, what do you all think about the Librarian Trading Card idea? Might we try it at LCC? It seems like a fun idea that is relatively easy to implement to advertise our services to library patrons.