Friday, March 16, 2007

Shift Happens

Thoughts on YouTube's "Shift Happens" video.


  1. This video was rather thought-provoking. Here are the two most glaring facts (in my opinion) that I'll repeat:
    "Nintendo invested more than $140 million in research and development in 2002 alone."
    "The U.S. Federal government spent less than half as much on research and innovation in education."
    Why? Think about it.

  2. As I mentioned to Elenka regarding another matter, just think what we have learned in our lifetime. We have seen our libraries grow, watched them become social as well as educational settings; we have seen children from 0-100+ become active in the growth of libraries. As Chelsea said, change is good so let's keep it up.

  3. The facts presented are indeed thought provoking, but would they seem so scarey, overwelming, or imminent if the music was not so dramatic?