Tuesday, March 20, 2007

IM Product Called Pronto

Today I attended a webcast on IMing w/students. The presenter, Eric Kunnen, works in the IT dept at Grand Rapids Comm College. Eric was "singing the praises" of Horizon Wimba's school-centric product called Pronto.

What follows are a few of my notes from the webcast:
  • Pronto communicates w/WebCt and Bb right now; will communicate with Angel fall'07
  • Pronto is free; Pronto Plus is not free
  • Don't have to be logged into WebCt, Bb, etc to use Pronto
  • Classmates are auto populated
  • Common platform for academic contacts
  • Instructor overides and has user preferences
  • Ability to link multiple sites

Here are a couple of future IM applications that Gr Rapids CC is discussing (thought these were interesting):

  1. Emergency notifications and campus closing
  2. Targeted messaging- i.e. "Gibson's is running a 5% discount on nursing textbooks today."

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