Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bloggers, wikimeisters, and 100 kinds of tequila

Dateline: Baltimore

Friday night I participated in “Dinner with Colleagues.” In this activity, you sign up to eat dinner at a local restaurant with a group of other conference attendees. The dine-outs were organized around topics. I chose “Blogs and Wikis” and found myself with 15 aficionados at the Blue Agave, a Mexican restaurant boasting 100 different kinds of tequila. I got my kicks, however, from my lively companions, who shared all kinds of projects and ideas. Here are a few:


Library blogs for promoting events, general information, new books, etc.
A “desk blog” allows reference librarians to share news about new assignments.
Consensus that personal blogs are really challenging to maintain.


Wikis are being used for reference desk and circulation manuals—easy to update.
A wiki for library instruction, with much flexibility on who can access it.
A wiki for coordinating library projects at different campus locations.
BizWiki at Ohio State (?) is a great example of a subject-specific wiki.

Other items of interest

A focus group at one colleague’s library revealed that students love IM but want librarians to stay out of Facebook. These students prefer to go to librarians, rather than have librarians hunt them up online.

One librarian reported 600 downloads of podcasts on how to use various resources such as the library’s new metasearch product. The library had placed a podcasts link on its homepage.

Food for thought

Would my reference desk colleagues like to see a blog for reference desk reminders and FYIs? How about turning our reference librarian training manual into a wiki?



  1. Debby,
    Without a doubt I would love to see a wiki instead of a folder full of paper.

  2. I also think having Reference wiki or blog would be great! Also, we could have the reference desk schedule available online (with a link to that schedule on the wiki/blog). It would be great to be able to view the latest version of the schedule in one central place online, rather than having to keep printing out new versions of the schedule.

  3. Debby:
    I am amazed at your energy and how quickly you have sent out ACRL Conference information to the staff..I'm still recuperating...sigh.

    Consideration: How many blogs are too many? Who will manage, organize, update, monitor? (just my practical side speaking)

  4. Hi Deb, I like the idea of having the Ref Manual into a Wiki! Suz Sawyer

  5. One of the things I've been pondering is how to integrate a blog into our normal, every day activities. It seems if we could integrate it so that people literally ran into it (in an electronic sort of way) in the course of their normal activities, a blog could be a very useful tool. Have you all seen any ideas that would help us to integrate blogging as a seamless communication tool? Thank you!


  6. Ohio University's Biz Wiki is impressive. I think we can get lots of good ideas for putting together a subject specific wiki. Thanks for sharing.