Friday, February 23, 2007

Name this Blog Contest!

I'm soliciting your help to Name this Blog!

Any and all ideas are welcome. The winner will receive many kudos and prizes will be awarded. To submit an idea just add a comment to this post. Good luck!


  1. A year or so ago I read a book called, The great good place , by Ray Oldenburg who is/was an urban sociologist. In his book he presented the stories and settings of shops, stores, pool halls, (gathering places), etc in small towns and cities that are
    "essential to local democracy and community vitality". He referred to these gathering places as "third places" (our homes being a first place; work being a second place). I like to think of LCC's Library as a "third place".
    My suggested name for our blog is:
    LCC's Library Blog- a Cyber Third Place

  2. Thanks Karl for setting up our blog and starting the Name this Blog Contest!!!

    I'm open to ideas for first and second place prizes...within reason. No trips to Hawaii. Perhaps a trip to Info Island in Second Life in keeping with the library 2.0 theme.

  3. Here's another for the list: Luv2Blog@LCC

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  5. How about,
    Thinking Outside the Blog @LCC's Library

  6. Maybe the prize should be a box of Kudos instead of just verbal kudos. I would have posted an awesome picture of some Kudos - but it wouldn't let me :(