Monday, February 26, 2007

Just to get things going

Great work setting up this Bog, Karl!

Here are a few ideas for Blog names to start the ball rolling:

LCC Library BLOG1

Library Blog@LCC

StarBLOG@LCC Library

BlogSTAR@LCC Library

Library STARBlog@LCC

LIBSTARBLOG@Lansing Community College


  1. I kinda like BlogSTAR @lcc library! Pam had mentioned including the Stars theme. Anyone else along these lines?

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  3. Karl, I need some "firmer" contest rules here. What deadline do you have for contest entries?
    You may or may not have observed, but I have a competitive spirit AND I like contests.
    I have entered two suggested blog titles. Elenka has entered one. Those are official, right?

  4. How about this:
    Thinking Outside the Blog @LCC Library

  5. The contest will be over when we have a winner(s)? It's pretty loose and friendly, ok. I really like your latest title Barb :)