Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Five Weeks to a Social Library

I stumbled across an online course called Five Weeks to a Social Library
Week 1 - Blogs
Week 2 - RSS and Social Bookmarking
Week 3 - Wikis
Week 4 - Flickr and Social Networking Software
Week 5 - Selling Social Software at Your Library

The course is put together by Meredith Farkas who writes the blog Information Wants to Be Free

The course has already started (February 12 to March 17), but links to articles, webcasts, wikis, etc. will remain online, so you can go through the content anytime.

There is a wiki for the course called Sociallibraries

There is even a wiki called Social Library Lurkers for people who are not officially enrolled in the course!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Just to get things going

Great work setting up this Bog, Karl!

Here are a few ideas for Blog names to start the ball rolling:

LCC Library BLOG1

Library Blog@LCC

StarBLOG@LCC Library

BlogSTAR@LCC Library

Library STARBlog@LCC

LIBSTARBLOG@Lansing Community College

Friday, February 23, 2007

Name this Blog Contest!

I'm soliciting your help to Name this Blog!

Any and all ideas are welcome. The winner will receive many kudos and prizes will be awarded. To submit an idea just add a comment to this post. Good luck!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some thoughts and links from Suzanne B.

Here are some library 2.0 ideas that other libraries are trying that I think are promising...

University of Illinois Undergraduate Library has a page both on MySpace and Facebook. They don't advertise their page because that wouldn't be "cool" but they have already gotten over 400 friends without advertising. On the page there is a blog and a search box for books and articles from the library. So, they can actually get to the library catalog/databases right from MySpace.

U of I's MySpace Page

I also saw that Michigan State University Library created a search box to go with a personalized Google page which allows users to search the catalog/databases directly from their personalized Google page.

Even better, University of Illinois created their own search bar that works with either Firefox or Internet Explorer. It allows you to search departmental library websites, ask a Librarian, library's catalog, Online Research, the campus phonebook and Google:
University of Illinois Toolbar (I-GO)

I came across some of these ideas on David Lee King's blog.

Do you see anything here we might try at LCC?


Thanks for joining! I hope that we will all benefit from the use of this blog. Please make suggestions, because we can change the template, add RSS feeds, continue adding links to other blogs, wikis, any type of resource that may contribute to this ongoing conversation about library 2.0 and how we envision that set of ideas working here at LCC.